eClub presents the University of Alberta's first interdisciplinary business-case-hackathon. Scroll down for more info! Register here. (1).jpg


Competition INFORATION


What is the Innovation Initiative? 

eCLUB strongly believes in the power of interdisciplinary cooperation. That is why we created the Innovation Initiative to allow students from all faculties to come together and find innovative solutions through a case competition over a period of two days. The event is sponsored by Telus, and will take place at the Telus Innovation Centre in Downtown Edmonton. They have super cool gear that you will have access to, which will help you complete this high-tech case.


Prizes are of a $2,000 value. 

First place: 4 Amazon Echoes ($520 value) + $600 cash

Second place: 4 Amazon Dots ($280 value) + $400 cash

Third place: 4 Amazon Dots ($280 value)


The Details

  • Tickets are $20 (+ $1.51 in Eventbrite fees)
  • You will have access to the Telus Innovation Centre on Friday, March 23rd, from 9 AM to midnight, and on Saturday, March 24th, from 7 AM to 5 PM.
  • Dinner will be provided on Friday, and a light breakfast and lunch will be provided on Saturday. 
  • You will have access to amazing gear to develop a technology solution as part of the competition. You can find a list of the available tools here.


Who can Participate? 

All current undergraduate students from Edmonton-area post-secondary institutions are welcome to join us for this great event! 


Team Setup & Rules

  • There will be 10 teams. 

  • Each team will be composed of 4 students. 

  • You can sign up in a group of 4 students or in a group of 2 students and we will match you with another group of 2 students.

  • Teams are NOT allowed to have more than 2 students from the same faculty. For example, you cannot have a team of 3 Science students and 1 Arts students. We encourage you to create teams from as many faculties as possible! 

  • Due to the technical component in this case, at least one student in each group (of 4 students) should have background in computer programming or coding. If your current team does not have technical background, please sign up in groups of 2, and we will match you with another group of 2 students who have indicated that they have at least one participant who has skills in coding or computer programming.


what if I do not know enough people from other faculties?

No problem! Sign up in a group of 2 (your teammate can be from the same faculty in this case) and we will match you with another 2 students from different faculties. 


How can I register? 

Please fill out this Google Form. Once you have submitted it, please proceed to the Eventbrite link that will be provided at the end of the form to purchase your ticket.