Executive Roles applications for 2018 / 2019 are now open

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The following positions are available: 

  • President
  • VP External
  • VP Finance
  • VP Marketing
  • VP Design
  • VP Events
  • Director of Events (x2)

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POsition Descriptions


The duties of the President include setting the strategic direction for the group and maintaining the position of Chair of the Executive Committee. The President acts as the main point of contact for all external organizations, possesses signing authority on the group bank account, approves group expenses and is the primary media contact. The President must also complete annual training with Student Group Services as part of the registration requirement as outlined in the UAPPOL Student Group Procedure. The President will be responsible for completing the student group’s registration process with Student Group Services by the end of May. The President will be responsible for keeping up to date on University of Alberta and Students’ Union risk management policy and receiving approval for all group events. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

• Set strategic goals, mission and vision of the organization

• Sign-off on documents

• Open meetings at the prescribed times and announce the business of the meeting

• Enforce parliamentary procedures

• Remain the main point of contact between eCLUB and eHUB

• Maintain smooth operations of the club by holding the Executive Team accountable

• Oversee the resolution of conflict between Executive Team members

• Registering eCLUB each academic term by the end of May

VP External

The duties of the VP External shall be responsibility for marketing eCLUB to other clubs and students within the U of A Community. The VP External is also responsible for securing strategic partnerships with other clubs, seeking opportunities for event collaborations and promoting the club to students. In addition, the VP External will oversee the onboarding process of new eCLUB members. They are the point of contact for any new members entering the eCLUB realm, interested in entrepreneurship.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Liaises with Classroom Services and the U of A Administration

  • Supports the President in providing resources and support to all chairs, directors, and VP’s

  • Recruits, selects, and onboards new eCLUB members

  • Provides support and guidance for clubs and manages club administrative duties

  • Helps refine and develop business ideas of new eCLUB members at their request


VP Finance

The duties of the VP Finance shall be responsibility for the financial control of the club, managing the revenue and expenses and recording procedures. The responsibilities extend to securing outside sponsorships and seeking strategic partnerships with sponsors. VP Finance should have a thorough understanding of book-keeping practices and implement fiscal controls to reduce expenses and increase revenues. VP Finance will receive training on compliance with University reporting standards in August.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Develop event budgets based on historical data and input from committee

  • Establish financial policies and operations, where required

  • Maintain financial records and prepare final accounting of net revenues

  • Acts as a second signatory on financial statements and receipts

  • Acts as a second authority in managing the club’s bank account, bills & receipts

  • Reports to the President and the VP’s

  • Accountable for overseeing financial sustainability of club operations


VP Marketing

The duties of the VP Marketing & PR shall be to oversee all marketing aspects of each committee and provides all advertising and promotion for the eCLUB brand. The VP is responsible for the design of all materials, from signage and brochures, to tickets, programs and catalogues. The VP also prepares all press releases and interacts with all levels of media. Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Works with President and VP’s to create an effective marketing strategy

  • Promotes the eCLUB brand and events on campus

  • Creates and distributes media package, press releases, advertising

  • Outsources for graphic design of all artwork related to the event

  • Oversees layout and printing of all materials

  • Assists with design of signage, including sponsor recognition

  • Creates a monthly newsletter sent to all members

  • Oversees design and final copy of video presentations

  • Develops event programs and catalogues

  • Oversees layout and content of eCLUB website

  • Manages the content of eCLUB social media pages & advertises

  • Reports the results of the marketing strategy


VP Design

Responsibilities include designing material for marketing and advertising, as well as managing social media marketing. Duties will also include maintaining the eCLUB website. 

Requirements: proficient skills in photography/videography, experience with graphic design and video editing software.


VP Events
The duties of the VP of Events shall be to provide leadership for the entire event planning process: orchestrating the overall production, supporting event directors, providing guidance to volunteers & making final decisions. The VP is the spokesperson for the entire group – articulating the goals and progress of the event, and providing an event evaluation to the organization’s executive members. 

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Chairs event meetings

  • Oversees the entire event-planning process

  • Provides feedback and support to the Directors of Events

  • Establishes a task management schedule

  • Recruits key volunteers

  • Communicates responsibilities and ensures objectives are met

  • Ensures communication between committees is active and productive

  • Selects take-away and/or thank you gifts for sponsors and speakers

  • Acts as liaison between committee and the rest of the club

  • Establishes a budget and maintains financial controls

  • Is responsible for committee succession planning

  • Reports to President and requests support as needed

  • Promotes self-motivation for volunteers to act on their own initiative, while embracing the team-concept


Director of Events
The duties of the Directors of Events shall be to works with the other Directors and the VP of Events to ensure that events are successful: on time, on budget.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Recruit volunteers for all event committees, ensuring they bring a required level of skills and experience

  • Establish a comprehensive list of potential volunteers and recruit for specific event tasks

  • Work with VP of events to develop a list of committee-specific jobs including time commitments and level of difficulty